Our company is dedicated to rendering various types of technical industrial services, namely:
  • Assignment of all types of personnel;
  • Industrial Assembly and Maintenance;
  • Civil construction and public works;
  • Boiler making;
  • Qualified Welding;
  • Construction and assembly of metallic structures;
  • Construction and shipbuilding;

We work for all types of industry in Portugal and throughout the rest of Europe in various sectors, namely:

  • Refineries;
  • Oil platforms;
  • Chemical industries;
  • Petrochemical industries;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Food industry;
  • Boiler making;
  • Pulp and paper industry;
  • Cement industry;
  • Automobile industry;
  • Steel works;
  • Piping (pre fabricated and assembly);
  • Metallic structure (manufacture and assembly);
  • Repair;
  • Assembly of mechanical equipment;
  • Industrial maintenance;