All our staff members are vastly experienced in their professions, executing numerous jobs all over Portugal and Europe. We offer a vast number of qualified workers from various professions, such as:
  • Team leaders;
  • Job initiators;
  • Job supervisors;
  • Quality control;
  • Engineers;
  • Qualified pipe fitters;
  • TIG + ARC pipe welders;
  • Structure welders;
  • TIG welders (alloys);
  • MIG/MAG welders (semi-automatic);
  • Assemblers;
  • Qualified blacksmiths;
  • Equipment mechanics;
  • Industrial electricians;
  • Assistants – various activities;

In the more demanding professions our staff boasts the skills required by law or international standards, namely:

  • Welder qualifications for various types of materials and procedures;
  • Industrial electricians qualifications;
  • Whenever possible, we always seek to send qualified personnel with knowledge of occupational health procedures (VCA);